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Storytelling Training

In today’s attention deficient times, long data-heavy presentations become no more than a ritual in the client’s office. The key messages of the presentation are lost within minutes after the presentation.

In contrast, good stories stick in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that numbers and text on a slide with a bar graph don’t. 

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Overcoming challenges in personal data protection

Protecting respondents’ privacy and preventing the misuse of personal information is a key responsibility for all market researchers. Our duty has been made more challenging by new technologies, new forms of data collection, and new laws, including the PDPA.

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Mobile Crowd Sourcing

The potential of mobile technology and mobile-enabled consumer behaviour is still under-utilised by most of the research industry. Join MRSS’ new event on 28th May to upgrade yourself and learn more about innovations in mobile, and benefits to you and your clients.

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MRSS Birthday Party
Celebrate MRSS’ birthday on 26th November at our final social event for 2014, at the Mint Museum of Toys!
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Inspirational creativity-boosting event

MRSS is pleased to bring you a special event to help you develop new thinking patterns, boost your creativity, and benefit from the changes all around us.

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